Our Journey through the dust and rubble

Little Helper

We have spent most of our free time this summer working on the house. Well, mostly Josh has worked on the house with lots of help from Dave and little help from B and myself. The good news is that we are moved into our kitchen and feeling better about bring another baby home.

Hopefully, pictures of our kitchen will come soon, but in the meantime here are some of my two favorite guys hard at work finishing up the slate in the mud room.


First of all here is a picture that I have been meaning to post for a while. Daddy and his little helper.

And most exciting is our kitchen update! B and I spent some time at Holly's last week and we came home to this! What a wonderful surprise.

Ready for Paint

Here is what our kitchen looked like one week ago. It is amazing the progress that can be made when you hire professionals to help you out.

This is what it looks like now.

This is the view looking from the dining room at our kitchen.
Here we are looking to the living area.
Another view of the kitchen and looking into the mudroom
We hired out the insulation as well as the mudding, taping and texturing. I was so nice to be able to come in a few days later and prime.
Thanks to Dave for the help again

Now on to the good photos.

B is quite the help too. I am glad that we decided to take his clothes off before we started.

Showing Daddy what a big help he isThe cabinet guy just left. We ended up paying his designer to come with him and we are so glad that we made that decision. She gave us a few good ideas, but mostly she just encouraged us and let us know we are on the right track. We are on our way to having a "Real Kitchen!"


This isn't go to be the long overdue post that should be done, but here is a quick recap of the past year.

We had Rob Buckingham come install our hardwood floors 4/2010. We love them.
Last summer we enclosed the back porch so that we will have a mud room off of the kitchen.

Dave has been a huge help, here most nights after work and every free Saturday he has. Jason came up and helped too. We owe everyone who has pitched in and helped on our project.
This is my favorite helper!

This is what you see when you walk in our front door. We finally have a handrail.
All our new lighting is installed. We have these sconces in both of the stairways
All the work that is currently being done is behind the tarp. We are getting SO CLOSE to having real kitchen!!!
Stay tuned for more. Hopefully it won't be another year before our next update.

Making progress

We have had a very productive month at 114. Our floors are being installed right now and we have been busy preparing for them. Here are just a few highlights of some of our projects.

Baby B has gotten a lot of Grandma time lately, but he loves watching the guys work whenever he gets the chance.

Josh and Dave building the posts for handrail.

The finished product
Sanding and staining the molding for the stairway

We were given an awesome Christmas present. Our main floor was painted for us while we were in Hawaii over the Holidays. Unfortunately, I did not do a good job of picking out the colors. So we got to repaint. I told Josh I could live with it. Thanks to him for not making me.

New colors in the powder room.

Master Bath.

Tiling our shower

We need heat and A/C on the main floor

Building a Tile shower surround

Next step build a shower in the master bathroom! We wanted to keep the natural stone tile theme going from the upstairs floor but without the bathtub. So we started to study how to build a fully tiled surround. We found there is a lot to it.

Checking the plumbing to see if there are leaks. The liner is installed and tested over a motor bed poured to the correct slope.

You have gotta love PEX it is so simple and clean. This is the valve and plumbing for our new Moen Fixture. Notice the four body spray ports.

A lot has happend since May!

If you have been following our Family and Friends blog you would know why our House Project blog has not been updated since May (check out the sidebar for a link).

Looking at our previous post reminds us how miserable that subfloor work was. We were glad to move on to Drywall which is just as painful. Fortunately we were able to hire out the taping and texturing.

Hanging 5/8 x 4' x 12' Sheets on the ceiling. Extremely easy with the jack. Notice the Expanding Foam Insulation.

Hanging rock in the master bedroom just before we purchased the right screw gun for the job. The drywall drills like the Milwaukee that we purchased are leaps and bounds better than trying to use the drywall tips on a standard drill.

A look at our texture before it we primed it. According to our drywall guy the style we wanted is called hand baroque. It looks far better once it is primed.

Priming the stairway. We used the airless and back rolled.

Sub Floor Agony

Here are a few pictures of Josh hard at work. The good news is his hard work has paid off and all of the sub floor is replaced. Just a couple more odds and ends and we will be putting up sheet rock.

I am sure that Josh is the person who is happiest that this part of our project is done. He would remind me often about how this was the worst part of our house project so far.